ScienceWhy Do New Book Pages Turn Yellow Over Time?

Why Do New Book Pages Turn Yellow Over Time?

Friends, If you are a book lover and you love to read books, then you might have noticed that the pages of your new books start turning yellow after some time. So through this blog we will try to know why this happens and how to stop it. For more information read this blog completely.

Why do book pages turn yellow with time?

Book Pages Turn Yellow Over Time
Book Pages Turn Yellow Over Time

Book pages turn yellow over time because of chemical reactions and oxidation. As you know, paper is made from wood. Wood pulp is used to make paper, which contains cellulose and lignin. Cellulose is a colorless compound, but lignin is brown, and both are natural polymers that provide strength and stiffness to wood. When paper is exposed to oxygen, the lignin molecules react with the oxygen and form new compounds that are yellow or brown in colour. This process is accelerated by high humidity, heat and light.

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How do we stop our books from turning yellow?

Let us tell you that yellowing of book pages cannot be stopped completely, but we will tell you some measures with the help of which this process can be slowed down:

1. Keep your books in a cool, dry place whenever possible.

2. Avoid exposing books to direct sunlight.

3. Keep your books away from heat sources of any kind.

4. Control the humidity where the books are kept.

5. Try to keep your books clean regularly.

So did you know why the pages of your books or newspapers turn yellow after a few days? Hope you like this information, don’t limit this blog to yourself, share it with your friends and relatives. See you in the next blog with another new interesting information, till then take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay happy and stay safe. And thank you very much for reading the blog till the end. Keep Reading…. Keep Sharing…. Keep Safe….!

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